Susan’s Textile Art           


I have enjoyed sewing my whole life.  Textiles are my favorite medium because 

the soft textures and lively colours add so much to the artistic experience.  Threads, stitches, paint, and nontraditional techniques are a part of the process. 

My background:

At university I focused on textiles, art history and anthropology.  I worked in the fashion industry in Toronto, helped open Miniature World in Victoria and played, (not worked) in display and advertising at Woodwards.  Eventually, I chose a career as a Home Economics teacher.

I have been lucky enough to travel and am always inspired by how other cultures define their landscape through art.  I love our own West Coast culture and strive to incorporate local themes in my textile art.


My work is shown at local Guild shows, Art and Music in the Gardens at HCP, sometimes the Sooke Fine Arts Show, the Sidney Fine Arts Show, the Nature of Islands Artists, The Canadian Quilters Association, and the Association of Pacific West Quilters in Seattle.

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